Clark presented the following presentations and workshops in 2019:

‘DigiTech for Diverse Learners’ – a workshop to teach educators how to adapt the Digital Technologies curriculum to students at Levels A – D was collaboration between DLTV and AASE Victoria thanks to a Google Grant and in collaboration with Dr. Matthew Harrison of The University of Melbourne and Ms. Celia Coffa of The University of Adelaide. More information can be found here:

Clark presented the following webinar in 2018:

Clark presented the following webinar in 2017:

Clark presented at the following conferences in 2017:

Friday, October 27, 2017 – EiGS17 – Education in Games Summit

Games for students with special needs

Monday September 4, 2017 – DLTV Workshop

Modifying the Digital Technologies Curriculum for Students with Special Needs

August 1 – DLTV Webinar (4:30PM – 5:30PM)

Teaching the Digital Technologies Curriculum to Students with Diverse Learning Needs (free webinar)

July 28 – DigiCon 2017

Presentation topic: Teaching Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension to Students with Disabilities – Clark Burt DigiCon 2017 Friday

Spark Talk: Considerations for teaching students with intellectual disabilities. Clark Burt DigiCon DigiSpark 2017 Slides 

June 22 – TeachMeet Heatherwood

Presentation topic: Teaching Vocabulary to Students with ID

May 21 – TeachMeet Scienceworks

Presentation topic: Clark_Burt_TeachMeet_Considerations_For_Special_Needs

March 22 – TeachMeet Melbourne

Presentation topic: Vocabulary Instruction Using Game Contexts

Clark presented at the following conferences in 2016:

March 16 – TeachMeet Melbourne

Presentation topic: Using Transmedia to learn Vocabulary

April 6 – TLN Online

Presentation topic: Teaching intellectually diverse students through games

April 29 – TeachMeet Melbourne

Presentation topic: The Padagogy Wheel by Allan Carrington

May 24 – Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV)

Presentation topic: Modifying Digital Technologies for students with learning disabilities

DLTV Clark Burt Presentation 24 May 2016 (low resolution)

June 9 & 10th – AASE & PASS

Presentation topic: Video Games to teach literacy in Special Education

PowerPoint Slides: Clark Burt AASE 9 June 2016

July 20th – DigiCon16 by DLTV

Presentation topic: Transmedia is the future: a model for incorporating both digital and non-digital resources in a lesson.

click here for the slides: DLTV Clark Burt July 20

August 3 – 9.30 – 1.30pm @ DLTV in Carlton, Vic

Modifying Digital Technologies for students with special needs

September 20th – TLN Literacy & Numeracy

Presentation slides: tln-clark-burt-sept-20

2015 conference presentations:

DigiCon15 by DLTV
Teaching intellectually diverse students through games

July  24th & 25th

Visit the DLTV website: click here.

DLTV Conference Materials: click here.

2015 AASE/WAESPAA Joint National Conference

August 27th & 28th

More information, click here.

AASE Conference Materials: click here.


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