Literacy Games & Apps

Here is my list of games and apps that I recommend in the primary classroom:

(click here for numeracy games and apps)

PC Games:

The Legend of Zelda (1986) – my favorite for teaching storytelling. Click here to see in detail my Legend of Zelda project and unit of work.

Plague, Inc. – an interesting take on virus games as you the player are trying to infect the population, not save it.  Could be particularly engaging for teenage boys!

Internet Games:

StudyLadder – a free resource for teachers to set up classes with individual student logins.  A variety of games, readers, and training tasks for all primary ages.  My students overall enjoy the choice of activities on

Brick Building Game – Free online virtual “lego-like” game.

Quiz Websites/Apps – Kahoot and Quizlet are two good programs you can use to make your own quizzes that then students can take online. – Make and play video games.

Games by Lucas Pope – a list of video games likely for upper primary students – many are ship/sailing themed.

Garry’s Mod – A sandbox PC/Mac game.  Costs $9.99 and uses STEAM.

NationStates – From their website: “is a nation simulation game. Create a nation according to your political ideals and care for its people. Or deliberately oppress them. It’s up to you.”

Kerbal Space Program – A multiplayer, build-your-own space program game. It is not cheap at $40.00.

Family Learning UK – Lots of literacy and numeracy flash games for lower levels

Vocabulary Games and PowerPoints –

iPad Apps:

80 Days – based upon the novel of Jules Verne, this paid iPad app is better suited for Grades 4+ due to its complex language.  The game is in a ‘choose your own adventure’ style and I used it to teach geography.  See my Around The World in 80 Days project here.

Chicktionary – My higher ability students love this app–it is very fun. Similar to scrabble, students try to make as many words out of a set of jumbled letters as they can.

Prankster Planet – Based on a U.S. tv show called The New Electric Company (perfect for older students with literacy difficulties), this is a fun multiplayer literacy game.

Reading Raven – A paid app that is great for learning phonics.

Sight Words 2 – Designed for Grades 1 & 2, this app reads out common site words and the student needs to pick the right one.

Clarospeak Plus – Students speak into the iPad and this app converts it into text.  This app costs about six dollars but its features make it a worthy buy.  My students enjoy it when the app reads the words back to them.  Clarospeak Website.

Toontastic – A storytelling/animation app that every student seems to enjoy.  The app helps students structure their stories.  Animation and fun characters keep kids entertained.

Creatorverse – by the makers of Second Life, an iPad app for creating just about anything in this “sandbox” app.

Dino-Store – for iPad, a simple but cute story with some interactivity

Once Upon a Mutant – a free story app that reads the words out loud but no interactivity.

Framed – an interactive detective story and game with no words.

Grandpa in Space (part of a series) – “Not only do children get to learn facts about our solar system, but they can practice math, sorting, rhyming and more on ten different space missions.”

Sight Words  by Edoki Academy – a paid app with a variety of early literacy games


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