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While there is a growing body of research promoting the use of games, multimedia, and websites to teach vocabulary to students, there is little research on the cognitive demands of such educational tools and whether some instructional materials are actually not suited for students with learning or intellectual disability.

There is little targeted research on if a games-based teaching context is also effective for students in special education, specifically those with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.

I am specifically investigating the use of ICT-based games and activities to teach vocabulary–vocabulary being instrumental in reading comprehension and academic success.

Using educational games in a virtual reality simulation may be an efficient way of getting students to meet learning outcomes, while providing engagement and scaffolding.

Further, I argue that the future of classroom lessons will (and should) incorporate a variety of digital and non-digital resources. As digital media permeates deeper into our cultural norms, our students (and teachers) desire interactive media within lesson plans.

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