Numeracy Games & Apps

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PC Games:

Timez Attack – interesting game play with math problems to automatize math facts.  Bonus that it first tests reaction/typing time!

Internet Games:

Matific – a paid resource with fun learning games for primary students

Khan Academy – I am a big fan of data — getting student data to inform teaching is paramount, in my opinion.  And Khan Academy, a math site, does it best.  Students have their own login and you can track their progress through math tasks.  This site is more math training than games, but the Youtube videos are helpful.

StudyLadder – a free resource for teachers to set up classes with individual student logins.  A variety of games, readers, and training tasks for all primary ages.  My students overall enjoy the choice of activities on

CoolMaths Games – A games website my students love:

Family Learning UK – Lots of literacy and numeracy flash games for lower levels

Illuminations NCTM – Math Resource for all year levels

Various Games –

iPad apps:

Programming Apps – Lightbot, The Foos, Hopscotch, and Tynker are all good apps for younger students who want to learn basic programming.

Game42 – An app containing a few easy games for spacial awareness

Tickle – similar to Scratch Jr., a visual coding app: